Zolfo Cooper provides world-class leadership to companies and their stakeholders through a suite of advisory, interim management and investigative offerings. Regardless of the service line, every Zolfo Cooper engagement is led by one of our senior professionals, experienced specialists with capabilities spanning the full spectrum of restructuring and advisory skills.

Turnaround & Restructuring Advisory

We specialize in providing tailored solutions to executive teams, corporate boards, sponsors and other stakeholders of businesses facing significant financial and operational challenges.


Resolving these situations can quickly become a drain on management time and resources. Our expertise lets us partner productively with clients to drive the restructuring process forward, free up management teams to focus on running the business, and preserve and enhance enterprise value.


Zolfo Cooper professionals have in-depth operating experience and proven restructuring expertise to add value in a variety of situations, from middle market to large scale, complex cross-border situations, both in and out of court.


We offer a full range of restructuring services including:


  • Business plan review, development and implementation
  • Contingency planning
  • Debt reorganization
  • Expert reports and related testimony
  • Financial restructuring
  • Liquidity and business stabilization
  • Management of complex wind-downs
  • Operational restructuring and due diligence
  • Restructuring planning and implementation

Interim Management

Our professionals are seasoned operating executives, accustomed to stepping into a variety of roles to assist a company through difficult transitions. While Zolfo Cooper is known for leadership role in large, public situations, a significant portion of our work involves confidential assignments, including assisting private equity sponsors looking to accelerate results in portfolio companies.


Working as senior management (e.g., chief restructuring officer, interim CEO, COO, CFO), our professionals take on operating roles that are pivotal to driving a successful restructuring, preserving enterprise value and turbo-charging performance. When immediate intervention is required, our crisis experts can provide experienced leadership on the spot.


We assist clients facing a variety of challenges through services including:


  • Crisis management triage in situations of
    • Unexpected management transition
    • Legal, regulatory, reputational issues
    • Covenant defaults


  • Interim C-suite and functional roles to address
    • Poor performing investment
    • Weak processes, reporting or controls
    • Need for culture change agents
    • Need for particular expertise


  • Business plan development and implementation
  • Business review
  • Contingency planning
  • Financial restructuring
  • Liquidity and business stabilization
  • Management of complex wind-downs
  • Operational restructuring
  • Restructuring planning and implementation

Performance Improvement

Today’s dynamic economic environment demands that successful enterprises respond effectively – and rapidly – to the many external and internal issues that impact operating performance. Zolfo Cooper’s Performance Improvement experts address these challenges head-on.


Having served in executive management positions, our professionals know how to quickly drive change and unlock value. We design and implement actionable plans to enhance performance by both fundamentally altering – and incrementally changing – business composition, infrastructure and management processes.


We work closely with management teams and boards of directors facing a variety of issues, including:


  • Declines in operating margins and key success metrics
  • Erosion of liquidity position
  • Strategic review of operating units/divisions
  • Slowdown in historic revenue growth
  • Issuance of new debt or refinancing
  • Negotiating a restructuring of balance sheet obligations
  • Evaluation of divestiture of division(s) or sale of entire enterprise


Zolfo Cooper Performance Improvement services:


  • Profitability analysis - product/service/channel/geography/customer
  • Cost assessment - product/service
  • Asset infrastructure rationalization
  • Organizational effectiveness assessment
  • Liquidity improvement initiatives
  • Performance metrics and process improvement assessment
  • Comprehensive business plan development
  • Interim management and transition leadership
  • Implementation support
  • Divestiture of non-core operations

Creditor Advisory

Zolfo Cooper advises lenders and unsecured creditors in complex distressed situations both in and out of court. We specialize in providing clients with an informed reality check on the core issues surrounding business viability and the recovery of value. Our management and operations experience in distressed situations gives us a unique understanding of how to evaluate restructuring risks and opportunities from a pragmatic as well as strategic perspective.


We work closely with lender groups, bondholders, vendors, unions, retirees, the PBGC and others to provide a spectrum of services including:


  • Business plan development, review, diligence, and scenario analysis
  • Contingency planning
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Expert reports and related testimony
  • Financial restructuring
  • Liquidity and business stabilization
  • Management of complex wind-downs
  • Negotiation of amendment and forbearance agreements
  • Operational restructuring and due diligence
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Restructuring planning and implementation
  • Transaction diligence

Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Allegations of improprieties and the prospect of litigation are significant threats to the enterprise value of any company. We help clients mitigate these business risks throughout all phases of potentially damaging events.


Forensic Accounting


Zolfo Cooper has extensive experience conducting high-profile investigations involving allegations of accounting and financial fraud and misappropriation of assets.


  • Forensic accounting and financial fraud investigations
  • Corporate investigations on behalf of boards, audit committees, special committees, management and court appointed examiners, trustees and receivers
  • Tracing and flow of funds analyses
  • Intercompany account reconciliation and transaction analyses
  • Misappropriation of assets and embezzlement
  • Ponzi and round-tripping schemes
  • Asset searches and analyses
  • Insurance and fidelity bond and crime claims analyses
  • Complex data analyses
  • Computer forensics and e-discovery


Litigation Consulting


Our team has provided expert witness testimony and litigation consulting services in numerous complex litigations covering a wide variety of complicated issues related to bankruptcy litigation and commercial and contract disputes.


  • Bankruptcy litigation including analysis of preference and fraudulent conveyance claims and assessing solvency
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Commercial and contract disputes
  • Alter ego, veil piercing and asset stripping claims
  • De facto merger and successor liability disputes
  • Damages analysis
  • Business valuation
  • Post-acquisition and other transaction disputes
  • Creditor rights disputes
  • Settlement negotiations

Transaction Advisory Services

Our Transaction Advisory team provides assistance in a variety of restructuring-related transactions, from debt origination or asset disposal for a troubled company, to performing due diligence for an investor evaluating a distressed business acquisition. Whether the need is to better understand enterprise value, assess risks and opportunities, or liquidate assets, Zolfo Cooper’s experience across numerous industries provides insight into the issues beyond the balance sheet.


  • Investment Due Diligence
    • Financial due diligence, including earnings quality review and working capital needs review
    • Operational advisory
    • Transaction structuring, negotiation and execution
    • Management team assessment
    • Profit improvement planning


  • Business Integration
    • Pre-closing planning of business integration and plan changes
    • Execution of business plan changes


  • Exit Strategies
    • Exit planning advisory
    • Non-core asset divestiture


  • Capital Solutions Advisory
    • Capital structure assessment and negotiation
    • DIP financing
    • Post-emergence financing
    • Out-of-court financing
    • Credit agreement negotiation